Rob Burrows

“I have been a customer of Sibit since 2006 ( I think??) which can only be described as a blessing not in disguise. Prior to having Sibit on board I was victim of unhelpful or incompetent helplines, personal knowledge ( sadly lacking) or I was forced into reading unintelligible manuals. My view is we can only be good at so many things and computer knowledge is one of the black arts I prefer to know as little about as possible. I enjoy a good service from Sibit, including onsite or remote support. I buy all of my software and hardware from Sibit as I know it is fit for purpose and at a price which means there is no benefit from buying anything elsewhere. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sibit to other people and have done so on a number of occasions. On every occasion there has been nothing but praise for the service there have received.”
Rob Burrows - Embronix - Crowthorne

Andrew Chenery

"We are increasingly reliant on our practice management and record system and it is reassuring to know that when problems arise we have Simon to call on.  He is accessible for urgent problems and always responsive when it comes to upgrades or alterations to our IT needs"
Andrew Chenery, Colchester

Adrian Oldfield

"Very grateful to you the first time I used you, when as the result of a lightening strike I was in dire trouble. You sorted out my problems very quickly and was able to advise on, and execute updates that you recommended, as well as supplying new hardware immediately from stock. I’ve used you several times since and have always been more than pleased with the prompt and efficient service that you’ve provided. Thoroughly recommended. Thank you."

Adrian Oldfield, Wokingham

Charles Babumba

"Without a doubt Simon Butterworth at SIBIT, is in my opinion, the best IT person I have come across or dealt with!
The service provided by Sibit, and the computer knowledge accumulated by Simon over the years is truly phenomenal, there’s nothing about computers that this guy does not know, and as long as he is provided with his best beverage…Strong black coffee with no sugar, you will be assured of a fast, efficient and friendly service…with a smile ofcourse!"
Charles Babumba - City Eyes Opticians - London

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