Mozilla Firefox

How to use Priority PC Support with Mozilla Firefox

As its your first time using priority pc support you should click this link to start running the tool.

Once you have clicked the link to the priority PC support tool it will take you too a page that looks like this .....

On the TeamViewer page a dialogue box will open up asking you too save the file.


Once you have clicked the save file button a message box will open up at the top right hand corner of your screen.

You will then have to click on the folder icon in order to open up the Sibit Priority PC Support file.

This will then open up the area where the TeamViewer application has been saved too.

You then need to double click on the TeamViewer tool in the folder to enable the tool to run.

You may then have too accept another security prompt like the one displayed below.

Once you have clicked run the TeamViewer application will open.

When the tool is running it will tell you our phone number so that you can call us to request remote support.