Rob Burrows

“I have been a customer of Sibit since 2006 ( I think??) which can only be described as a blessing not in disguise. Prior to having Sibit on board I was victim of unhelpful or incompetent helplines, personal knowledge ( sadly lacking) or I was forced into reading unintelligible manuals. My view is we can only be good at so many things and computer knowledge is one of the black arts I prefer to know as little about as possible. I enjoy a good service from Sibit, including onsite or remote support. I buy all of my software and hardware from Sibit as I know it is fit for purpose and at a price which means there is no benefit from buying anything elsewhere. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sibit to other people and have done so on a number of occasions. On every occasion there has been nothing but praise for the service there have received.”
Rob Burrows - Embronix - Crowthorne