Welcome to our website.  If you know all about Sibit you'll skip this bit, but if you are new to us you might just read on a bit.  We are based in Crowthorne, Berkshire, and from our offices and workshop we service clients mainly in the UK but also abroad.  The majority of our local clients are just that, local, primarily Ascot, Windlesham, Wentworth, Virginia Water, Camberley, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Yateley, Hartley Wintney and of course Sandhurst and Crowthorne.

We specialise in Opticians, but also service many other verticals markets as well as other non specific small businesses and individuals. 

We provide an all encompassing IT service, from supply, to manage, repair and support.  Yes we remove virus infections !  We also stock a wide range of printer and computer consumables, ink, usb flash drives, blank CDs and DVDs, most of the things that we use ourselves on a day to day basis.

Opening Hours : General Public: Monday 10am through 6pm, Tuesday 9am through 6pm, Wednesday closed.  Thursdays 9am through 8pm, Fridays, 9am through 6pm, Saturdays and Sundays Closed.

Opening Hours : Business clients with support contracts: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, weekend cover by arrangement.

SIBIT started life way before we incorporated in January 2006.  I started using computers in school in 1979, heavy green screened Commodore PET units with 1k of RAM.  Thirty years on I've travelled an incredible technological journey from the first home computers, Spectrums, VIC20's and BBC units, through to the recent introduction of 6-core personal computers, wireless internet and "the world in your pocket" technologies.

After college and university I joined a wonderful organisation "Thames - Technology in Business", and spent 12 years providing all manner of solutions, dealing with large government organisations, NHS, MOD, many teaching hospitals, as well as estate agents, large corporations such as British Gas, LRC, Ove Arrup, Barclays, Lloyds, and a whole host of other companies.  In each case my job was simple - provide a unique high end solution that delivered within budget.  I finally left Thames at the turn of the millennium to join a networking company as I found networking and the internet fascinating.  During this time again I found myself being involved in some amazing projects, such as configuring the wireless network for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (that's a big network).   My final pre-SIBIT leap of faith was to an amazing Irish software company Ocuco that specialised in patient management solutions for opticians and eye surgeons.  My job was simply to deliver solutions that worked, however, increasing frustration with the technical ability of some of the hardware suppliers provided the catalyst to start SIBIT.

Seven years on and we now support many opticians, local companies, and numerous high profile clients (you know who you are).  It has become a privilege to support many of these people, their faith and trust provides all the motivation anyone could ever want.
So what do we do?  IT now encompasses everything from Audio Visual (AV) solutions, through to internet marketing, security and increasingly leisure and entertainment.  We cater for a vast array of solutions drawing on what we believe to be the right mix of products to provide client satisfaction.
Networking:  Everything from simple switches to wireless internet access, xDSL, ADSL, VDSL and SDSL product solutions.  Meshed wireless networks, remote management of networks, USG (Unified Security Gateway) implementation and support. Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN), and other technologies to promote and enable safe, secure remote working.
Internet:  Support with domain registration and management, Directory Name Server (DNS) issues, E-Mail configurations, Web design (fully manageable by end user), connectivity and mobile.
Servers:  Microsoft Server 2008, 2003 and 2000 support, Server build, configuration and installation services. Small Business Server 2003 and 2008 support.  Client configurations and support.  Main business partners in this area are Microsoft.
PCs: Personal desktops, laptops, notebooks and netbooks.  We are partners with Acer, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Samsung to name a few.  We are as far from the high street and internet sellers as you can get.  Most of the systems we supply are pre-prepared for the client, software is installed, security is installed and all patches applied in advance of the unit being delivered and installed with the end user.  If a machine is an upgrade then an upgrade service is available whereby we move your data from your old machine to your new machine (including email).
Security:  This covers everything from AntiVirus and Malware protection and removal, to data recovery post attack.  We partner with Symantec, Panda, Webroot and Avast.
Printing:  All too often users buy a printer without regarding the running costs.  Don't be surprised if when enquiring about printers you are asked twenty questions, the aim is to ensure you get the right product that in the long term will be the most economical for you.  We partner with Lexmark, Epson, OKI, Zebra and Samsung in the main, but sometimes do use other manufacturers (such as Ricoh) where their products hit a sweet spot that can fulfil a niche requirement.
AV:  We have had clients asking for everything from 65" Plasma TVs (installed with full surround sound systems), to embedding screens in walls, even waterproof screens in bathrooms.  We have integrated satellite systems into networks and provisioned content across the internet to anywhere the internet can be received (can you imagine watching a Man Utd game from the comfort of a traffic jam in Tokyo?).  Large screens now fall into the realm of IT, and many of today's advanced televisions have internet facilities built in.  We also supply mini PCs that provide big screen surfing from the comfort of your armchair.
Peripherals:  Webcams, mouse mats, USB hubs, keyboards, mice, even three way mains adapters.  A lot of this kit is needed at the last minute so it's held in stock.  We hold a wide variety of components, typically items we know will be needed to get a machine running again, be it power supply units or CPU fans, we always have these to hand.  Laptop power supplies are another speciality, selecting the right unit is normally more than just guesswork.
Simon J Butterworth
Support Area Coverage
We have clients in several European countries and provide extended support for UK clients to such far flung places as Canada, South Africa and even Australia on occasion, but these are the exceptions not the norm.  Clients on managed service contracts stretch from the home counties, through London to Essex and up to Northamptonshire.  Remote support means that we can access servers or individual machines within ten seconds of a call being raised, it's rare that we need to visit on-site and in many cases resolve issues before clients are aware they have them (we run monitoring softwaare tools at SIBIT HQ which alert us to issues as they happen).
Home user support, PC and laptop repair, virus removal and hand holding tends to be more local.  Private clients we look after come from Crowthorne, Bracknell, Sandhurst, Ascot, Windsor, Esher, Weybridge, Oxshot and various other places in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire.  Generally if you are within 45 mintes drive we can offer good onsite response times.